Frolov Group is a private russian holding company, which is engaged in the strategic development and management of affiliated international companies and funds. The main beneficiary of the holding company is a private trust Fund Finlandian Properties Ltd that is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Currently Frolov Group is represented on the territory of the Russian Federation and the European Union and consolidates business projects in areas such as further education, event and concert management, restaurant business, fashion industry, reputation management, advertising and media business.

Frolov Group today owns the flagship Affettuoso Worldwide and brands François Vatel, Le Comte de Monte Cristo, Sovereign Bureau, Celebritique and Equipmen. In addition, the holding company on exclusive rights administers solo music projects Nikita Frolov Saxophone Performance & Elizaveta Frolova Piano Performance.

Frolov Group, of course, is a socially responsible company. This is reflected not only in the activities of an affiliated charitable Foundation "Treble clef", on behalf of the company at the Federal level provides comprehensive assistance to talented and gifted children from low-income families, but in absolute inclusiveness of all our business projects. Today we offer products and services to people with different capabilities, perspectives, and aspirations.

The business portfolio of the holding Frolov Group is a significant number of successful projects of Federal and international level together with our respected Partners among which can be highlighted the Moscow Government, the Federal Assembly State Duma of the Russian Federation, Chamber of Commerce and industry of Russia, the Russian Corporation of nanotechnologies, as well as large private companies.